10 Best Yurts in New Hampshire To Rent For a Glamping Getaway

Are you looking for yurts in New Hampshire for your weekend or romantic getaway? You’re in the right place! We have collected the best yurt rentals to make your immersive outdoor experience even more special.

Most yurts are fully-equipped, so you can have a comfortable stay outside without the hassle of putting up a tent. Read on to discover our best picks across the state.

Pin It: Best Rental Yurts in New Hampshire
Pin It: Best Rental Yurts in New Hampshire

Unique Lodging in the Wilderness

Where: Chatham, New Hampshire

Price: $157+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


Reconnect with nature at this off-the-grid yurt handcrafted from 80% local wood. You can stay here year-round, even in the winter, because it’s cozy, spacious, and has a wood-burning stove. 

Other amenities include a gas grill, extra blankets, an extra inflatable bed, composting toilet, and solar lights. However, you may have to bring sleeping bags and linens as it only provides an additional air mattress and a futon. 

There is no electricity and running water, so staying here is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who like to unplug. Adjacent to the yurt is the fire pit, grill, and outhouse.

The yurt is close to Landon Brook, which sits on 45 acres in Evan’s Notch, and National Forest surrounds it. This means you can access hiking, snowmobiling, and snowshoe trails. Or bring binoculars to watch the wildlife and birds on the property. 

Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: VRBO | Yurts in New Hampshire
Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: VRBO

Lakes Region Yurts

Where: Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Price: $179+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


One of the yurts in New Hampshire that doesn’t supply electricity is this private yurt in the Lakes Region. Disconnecting makes your outdoor experience more challenging since you only have a lantern and candle by night. Stay here if you want to rest from the hustle and bustle of technology. 

The best thing about this yurt rental in New Hampshire is how cozy and private it is, allowing you to celebrate occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. You may have to call them in advance so they can decorate the yurt according to the event. 

Although it doesn’t have electricity, the yurt has a two-burner propane cooktop, gas flat top outdoor grill, kitchen utensils, paper towels, and paper plates. It also has an oversized twin cot, a full-size futon, a bunk bed, and an outhouse. They provide linens and condiments, so all you need is a cooler and food. 

The campground is near great arcades, kayaking, and hiking sites. You can also take a boat ride or go fishing at Alton Bay. 

Best Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: VRBO | Best Yurts in New Hampshire
Best Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: VRBO

One of a Kind ‘Yurt-Like’ Home in Bretton Woods 

Where: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Price: $1088+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 6 guests


This yurt in Bretton Woods has a modern HVAC system to make the temperature inside comfortable whatever the season is. You can come here for summer vacation since it has its own beach that doesn’t get crowded or restricted. 

The yurt has a spiral staircase carved around a dead tree in the center. This makes the interior more natural and unique from other yurts in New Hampshire

Another unique feature is its top floor. You can find a bathroom with a pebble and stone shower, a walk-in closet area, and a master bedroom. It also has an open balcony-style loft that has a full-size bed. 

Meanwhile, the main floor has another bathroom, two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. All the spaces are fully-equipped, making you feel like you are staying in a hotel outdoors. 

You can enjoy walking to the riverfront walks, ponds, wetlands, and other stunning ecological areas of the property – or simply sit on the large deck while grilling or stargazing.

New Hampshire Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO | New Hampshire Yurt Rental
New Hampshire Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO

Hub North Unique Accommodations

Where: Gorham, New Hampshire

Price: $105+ per night (taxes excluded) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


Glamping in Hub North Unique Accommodations is available from June to mid-October. It has cabins and a yurt to support your adventurous spirit. 

Inside the yurt are actual mattresses with blankets and a full kitchen. The yurt doesn’t have electricity, but you can charge your devices at the Pavilion. This could help you unplug for a while and just enjoy nature at its finest. You’ll also love its outdoor glam shower, making your glamping more unique. 

The 20+ miles of the single track allow you to bike, hike, or run on the trail. This will make you appreciate sightseeing in the scenic field.  

Credit: Hub North
Credit: Hub North

Modern Waterfront Yurt 

Where: Bennington, New Hampshire

Price: $529+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


This yurt rental promises a romantic getaway since it’s nestled amongst trees on 27 acres of waterfront and wooded beauty along the Powdermill Pond and Contoocook River. It also overlooks a small waterfall, perfect for couples looking for a serene oasis 2.5 hrs away from Hartford and 1.5 hrs away from Boston. 

You’ll feel mighty comfortable during your stay since the yurt has an electric heater, wood-burning stove, and a queen-size bed. You can even keep yourself entertained since it has WiFi, cable, and a flat-screen TV. Dining is also easy since it has a coffee maker, hot plate, a microwave, and a refrigerator. 

Most importantly, you can shower, use the indoor toilet, and shower at the check-in area. An outdoor hot tub is also available for reservation to fit a couple. 

If you want to be more adventurous, go kayaking, fishing, and swimming right on the property. Or go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or tubing during winter. Other activities include sampling cider and beer at nearby local breweries, picking fruits at local farms, and hiking Mount Monadnock. 

Credit: GlampingHub
Credit: GlampingHub

Yurt at the Owen Farm!

Where: Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Price: $358+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 4 guests


Looking for a farm experience? Then, this yurt at the Owen Farm will let you encounter sheep, horses, and cows grazing in the fields. The outdoor views include woods, a wind harp, and 150 acres of fields.

Since it’s in a remote setting, it allows you to unplug from technology as it doesn’t have electricity and only has a solar panel enough for lights. There is no running water, cooling, or AC system, but propane for heat – handwashing and and drinking water is provided. An indoor composting toilet is also available. Although coffee and tea are provided, you may need to bring utensils, pans, and pots. 

You can enjoy biking, skiing, and hiking on the trails for outdoor activities at this New Hampshire yurt rental.

Best Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: Airbnb | Best Yurts in New Hampshire
Best Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: Airbnb

The Back 80 Yurt

Where: Alexandria, New Hampshire

Price: $135+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 4 guests


If you’re up for a hike, backcountry skiing, or snowshoeing, this is one of the yurts in New Hampshire, perfect for you. It’s next to Mt. Cardigan state park, Firescrew, and only a few miles from AMC trails. However, this is an off-grid yurt, which means you must hike a mile to reach your stay.

You must also bring your blankets, linens, and towels, but you can use the pans, pots, slippers, cookstoves, and wood stoves in the yurt. It may not have all the amenities other yurts have, but it’ll give you a comfortable stay when hiking the aforementioned summits. 

Credit: Airbnb | https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/27137474?
Credit: Airbnb

Beautiful Yurt-like Tent/Campsite in Central NH!

Where: Ashland, New Hampshire

Price: $105+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


On a private farm another yurt rental in New Hampshire is the 16′ x 16′ army tent at Camp Cuzweewanna. It promises camping accommodations such as wildlife, bugs, flowers, trees, and stars. This means you get to experience nature while comfortably camping since the yurt is solar-powered, has a sink for washing and brushing, and has an outdoor outhouse. 

Although it doesn’t promise hotel-like glamping, you don’t have to bring your camping gear because it has the basics. Enjoy the night sky while sitting around the campfire and hike to Little Squam Lake during the day. You can also visit the farm at any time. 

Coolest Glamping in New Hampshire
Credit: Airbnb | Coolest Glamping in New Hampshire

Sapling Yurt

Where: Thornton, New Hampshire

Price: $137+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


As its name suggests, the yurt was constructed out of many varieties of local saplings. It’s located in a family farm’s backyard. Although it’s near the owner’s house, it’s still far enough to give you privacy.

The yurt is equipped with a sink, fridge, counter, mattresses that can turn into low chairs, and a full-size bed. You may need to share the outhouse with other guests, while the owners will provide a jug of potable water. 

You can enjoy the wild and unmanicured pine and mixed hardwood forest during the growing season. The yurt has a picnic table, perfect for dining outdoors during the day. 

As a bonus, you can enjoy watching the stars and the sun rising and setting from the bed since the yurt has a large skylight. 

Best Rental Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: Airbnb | Best Rental Yurts in New Hampshire
Best Rental Yurts in New Hampshire
Credit: Airbnb

Enchanting Solar-Powered Yurt in Small Community

Where: Rindge, New Hampshire

Price: $364+ for three nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 4 guests


Spend some solitude in the beautiful Monadnock Region by staying in this solar-powered yurt. This yurt has a unique, rustic, and peaceful vibe suitable for small families. 

Interestingly, the history of the yurt as it goes back to 1974. It served as a faculty housing for the school, designed and built by Bill Copperthwaite.

It has an upstairs bedroom with a small inner yurt, while the “nook” is best for sleeping small children. Moreover, the yurt has a wood heat with a gas backup, a bathroom with laundry, and a full kitchen even when it’s only 35′ in diameter. 

The community members run Sun Moon Farm and CSA vegetable farms across the street. You can also see many animals and enjoy a non-motorized recreation in the woods inside the property. 

New Hampshire Yurt Rentals
Credit: Airbnb | New Hampshire Yurt Rentals

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