13 Best Yurts in Arkansas To Rent For a Glamping Getaway

If you always wanted to try glamping, but don’t know where to start, take a look at these best-rated yurts in Arkansas. In a beautiful setting with diverse landscapes like Arkansas has, glamping is a perfect way to experience nature, but still have that touch of luxury.

With the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains to the northwest and colorful lowlands to the east, you can choose the best surrounding for your crew. The best part is, you can go glamping in yurts year-round, as they stand for “Year-round Universal Recreational Tent”.

Families choose this option over camping, because of the amenities and space they get. At the same time people that would never go camping choose this option instead because they don’t want to give up on things they get in hotels, but can still be close to nature.

Do you see yourself going glamping and sipping on a rose while watching the sunset in nature? Don’t look further than Arkansas. 

Yurts in Arkansas To Rent
13 Best Yurts in Arkansas To Rent For a Glamping Getaway

Stone Wind Retreat Yurt Glamping

Stone Wind Retreat Yurt Glamping Arkansas
Credit: Stone Wind Retreat

Where: Chester, Arkansas

Price: $169+ per night

Accommodates: 2-3 guests


Stone Wind Retreat has eight yurts designed with couples in mind. They accommodate two but can fit three people at a time. Quit and relaxing surroundings where you can enjoy privacy and nature are ideal for those who want to unwind and have a romantic getaway.

From every deck, you will have a gorgeous view, while every yurt has luxurious amenities including queen size beds, stylish furniture, private gardens, and hot tubs. You can sign up for in-cabin massages, meditation classes, or qigong classes. Just a few steps from your cabin you will already be in the forest, where you can take walks every day.

Eureka Yurts and Cabins

Where: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Price: $170+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


They offer two yurt options, Pine View Yurt and White Oak Yurt. Both are situated among the trees, and staying here will set you in a completely natural experience, from waking up to the sound of birds, to falling asleep in a quiet forest.

Eureka Yurts and Cabins offer so many amenities that you will forget you are in the middle of a natural area, far from the city. Yurts are equipped with air conditioning, blenders, coffee maker, ceiling fan, dishwasher, and so much more. King size beds and hot tubs are part of every yurt as well.

Eureka Yurts and Cabins Arkansas
Credit: Eureka Yurts and Cabins

Yurt In A Beautiful Woods Setting

Where: Wesley, Arkansas

Price: $185+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


This well-rated yurt is ideal for families with kids. It has a queen bed on the ground level, and a loft with two twin beds. A few minutes from the fishing pond, you can bring your kiddos on a fun and relaxing fishing weekend, while having picnics on the deck surrounding the yurt.

Here you will get a hot tub that fits 4 people, a full kitchen, WiFi, landline, spacious bathroom, and a gas grill outside. The spiral staircase that is leading to the loft is not recommended for children younger than 5, so be cautious about that if you choose to stay in this lovely yurt. 

This is still one of the most popular yurt rentals in Arkansas, and make sure to book in advance, especially if you want to book the weekend here.

Yurt In A Beautiful Woods Setting
Credit: VRBO

Tree Top Yurt at Lost Valley Canoe & Lodging

Where: Ponca, Arkansas

Price: $100+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests



The newest edition to Lost Valley Canoe & Lodging is this Tree Top Yurt that fits up to four people. The beds available are one queen size bed and one futon sleeper sofa, which is also very comfortable. The deck is wrapped around the yurt and gives you a feeling of indoor-outdoor living at its best.

The yurt has a kitchenette, coffee pot, and microwave, while outdoors you will find a grill and fire pit. Steps away from your lodging area are the forest, river, and hiking trails. This is a great place to stay if you love kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Tree Top Yurt at Lost Valley Canoe & Lodging
Credit: Lost Valley Canoe & Lodging

Petit Jean State Park Yurts

Where: Morrilton, Arkansas

Price: $58+ per night

Accommodates: 6 guests


Petit Jean State Park Yurts Arkansas
Credit: Arkansas State Parks

If you are looking for rustic stays in the middle of a state park, look no further than these affordable yurts at Petit Jean State Park. Round buildings with electricity, doors with locks, and windows are nothing like tents you are used to when camping in nature.

These rental units feature a stove, cots, a lantern, and an ice chest. The state park has a snack bar, boat rentals, picnic areas, swimming pools, and so much more. You can go kayaking, fishing, hiking, and overall enjoying all those outdoor activities you love when you stay in Arkansas’s oldest state park.

Catherine’s Landing Yurts

Catherine’s Landing Yurts Arkansas
Credit: Catherine’s Landing

Where: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Price: $166+ per night

Accommodates: 4, 8, or 12 guests



Hot Springs is a unique national park with no lodging options within its borders, but only a few minutes drive from the city of Hot Springs and a park you will find yourself in this beautiful setting with lodging options. Catherine’s Landing offers a glamping experience where you can be in relaxing surroundings, but close to the city, restaurants, spas, etc.

They are offering yurts in three sizes, 16’, 20’, and 24’. They all have WiFi, air conditioning, picnic tables, and linens provided. The decks at each site have fire rings where you can make barbecue and enjoy the fresh air at every meal.

Dionysus Wine Brew Yurt Lodging

Where: Wiederkehr Village, Arkansas

Price: $75+ per night

Accommodates: 2-4 guests



“Yurt Lodging at its finest. We have a fully furnished Yurt for a relaxing stay in Arkansas Wine Country.”

Are you interested in exploring Arkansas wine country? At Dionysus Wine Brew you can rent a yurt and stay for the weekend or a few days. There is a queen-size bed and a sofa, so the yurt fits ideally two but possibly four people. It has a microwave, bathroom, and a little kitchenette.

Sign up for wine tasting and try all that Arkansas wine producers have to offer. In the evening take a stroll in nature or watch the sunset with your loved ones. This relaxing stay is perfect for couples getaways, or girls trips.

Daisy State Park Yurt Lodging

Where: Kirby, Arkansas

Price: $58+ per night

Accommodates: 6 guests


Another scenic state park that offers yurt lodging is Daisy State Park in Kirby, Arkansas. These more nature-oriented and low-budget yurts are great for those who want to try them out for the first time. The closeness of hiking trails and Lake Greeson is a dream come true for the outdoor enthusiast.

Paddling, kayaking, hiking, and biking, are just some of the activities you can try here. When you get tired and want some rest, come back to your yurt to prepare lunch on a grip or relax indoors. All the yurts have electricity, a stove, and a cot.

Romantic Yurt for Couples

Where: Jesper, Arkansas

Price: $98+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


With one queen-size bed, fireplace, and a private deck, this hideaway is an amazing place for couples. You can unwind and enjoy nature, far from the city noise. This off-grid yurt is sustainable and has no electricity, except for solar power with deep cycle batteries. 

Lights are powered by batteries, as well as highlights and flashlights. Linen is provided by the host, and you have chairs, a closet, sink, and other furniture available inside. The shower is installed outdoors, as well as a porta-potty toilet. This is a truly great opportunity to try a rustic lifestyle off the grid and see if you could live like this for longer.

Romantic Yurt Glamping in Arkansas
Credit: Lora/ Glamping Hub

The Sanctuary Yurt — Private Elegant Yurt with Hot Tub

Where: Chester, Arkansas

Price: $188+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


Luxurious camping has a new face in this beautiful sanctuary. Tiles, carpets, stylish furniture, are just some of the features of this stunning glamping site. The kitchen is fully furnished, you will find a blender, coffee machine, stove, refrigerator, and more. In the utility room, you will find the washer and dryer, while the bathroom is a separate room.

The deck has a hot tub, and also a sitting area where you can read a book, relax, or eat freshly grilled meals outdoors. Although it is away from the city and regular life, you can still watch movies and land DVDs for cozy nights indoors.

The Sanctuary Yurt — Private Elegant Yurt with Hot Tub
Credit: Airbnb

Amazing Yurt 23-feet Above the Creek Bed – One of the Cutest Yurt Rentals in Arkansas

Where: Marshall, Arkansas

Price: $149+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


A traditional Mongolian yurt nestled above the creek allows you to enjoy amazing views in the privacy of your rental. The deck goes around the yurt, and you can sit and relax anywhere while sipping on your coffee in the morning, or watching the sun go down in the evening.

With one queen size bed and one sofa bed, this yurt can fit up to 4 people. It also has a hot tub, a grill, and parking on the premises. It is air-conditioned, has a bath, hairdryer, fire pit, and a kitchen. But the most luxurious thing in this yurt is a stunning mountain view.

Yurt Arkansas Glamping Airbnb

Charming Arkansas Yurt for Family Glamping

Where: Gravette, Arkansas

Price: $79+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


This large yurt is ideal for families that want to experience glamping. Not only for a large indoor space and tree beds but also for the flat green lawn where the yurt sits, it is an excellent vacation spot for kids. 

They can play soccer and run freely outside, while the rest of the family is making lunch and chatting. In the evening you can gather around the fire pit and share funny or scary stories with your loved ones. 

The yurt has a dining table for four, two lanterns, an outdoor toilet, and cards and games for entertainment. During hot months, portable air conditioning will be provided.

Charming Arkansas Yurt for Family Glamping
Credit: Airbnb

The Yurt Retreat in Northwest Arkansas

Where: Garfield, Arkansas

Price: $229+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


This beautifully looking yurt is as luxurious as it can get for this way of camping. Surrounded by calming nature, it is a stylish hideaway for couples, families, or friends. You can party all night, or wake up early in the morning with the sound of birds, and plan your days however you want.

You will have free parking and private gate entry here, as well as walking trails nearby. The decks have chairs, a grill, a garden, and nearby you will find a Koi pond, and a tadpole pond. Other amenities are an indoor fireplace, kitchen, TV, WiFi, A/C, and more.

The Yurt Retreat in Northwest Arkansas
Credit: Airbnb

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