10 Best Yurts in Michigan For A Glamping Getaway

Glamping is more fun if you try one of these incredible yurts in Michigan. Here, you can find portable tents with various shapes and sizes while seeking comfort from nature. Even if it snows, rains, or has strong winds, you can stay calm because the yurts are durable and can withstand whatever the weather is. 

Most yurt glamping hosts also provide kitchen utensils, bedroom essentials, WiFi, and other basic commodities, so you can just rock up with some luggage and be ready to explore!

What makes glamping in Michigan exciting is the location! Many yurt rentals are located near popular natural tourist spots like lakes, beaches, and hiking sites. This is perfect if you’re adventurous because there are many outdoor activities to explore. All you need is to check the following yurt rentals and glamping spots:

Yurt Rentals in Michigan
Keep reading to discover the best Yurt Rentals in Michigan!

Simple Lyfe Modern Yurt

Where: Baldwin, Michigan

Price: $520+ for 2 nights

Accommodates: 4 guests


Michael hosts Simple Lyfe Yurt—a rustic yet modern 30 ft tent with a living room, a full kitchen, and two bedrooms. These rooms are equipped with coffee pots, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a stove. Even the bathhouse is heated with a custom shower. 

The fun and experience don’t stop when the day ends. At night, you can enjoy stargazing indoors since the yurt has a 3-foot clear dome. You can do this comfortably since it also has a sitting area and a large pit inside, making cold nights warm.

This yurt rental is also perfect for people who love outdoor activities. There are many hiking areas around, and it’s 30-minute away from the beach at Ludington. You can also try kayaking, canoeing, and fishing at the Pier Marquette River. 

While most glamping don’t allow pets. Simple Lyfe Yurt lets you bring a maximum of two dogs, but you only need to pay $25 for each dog. 

Simple Lyfe Modern Yurt Rental Michigan
Credit: Airbnb

Luxury Yurt Rental

Where: Marquette, Michigan

Price: $554.00+ for two nights

Accommodates: 6 guests


The Luxury Yurt is 1300 sq. ft that has two bedrooms, one bathroom, one full bath, and a dining area. It’s also fully furnished, so you won’t have to bring any camping gear. The yurt also is best for lounging and grilling because it has a large deck.

If you want to maximize your stay here, take advantage of its proximity to mountain biking sites, cross country and downhill skiing destinations, and hiking and fishing areas.

Or go to Marquette and experience the quality of life in a small town. Here, you can find historical sites, saunas, and breweries. Even though it’s a small town, fast internet is available!

Luxury Yurt Rental in Michigan
Credit: VRBO

Off Map Glamping in Michigan

Where: South Haven, Michigan

Price: $450+ for two nights + US$51 taxes and charges

Accommodates: 3 guests


Off Glamping has a lot to offer. One of which is the free private parking, making it more convenient for car owners. They also provide you with a continental breakfast if you’ve booked the luxury tent. Their garden is also open for everyone where you can relax, enjoy a cup of joe, or read a book. 

This glamping site also promises an outdoor experience without sacrificing your home luxuries. Moreover, you don’t have to bring your camping gear or kitchen paraphernalia. You can use Off Glamping’s wood-burning stove, cook s’mores around the bonfire, and stargaze at night. 

If you want to enjoy other activities, then the glamping site’s location is perfect. It’s near some of the most famous coastal resort towns, such as beaches, shops, and diners. And these spots are only a 10-minute drive away. 

For more adventurous activities, you can explore the orchards, hiking areas, breweries, and wineries of the property. 

Off Map Glamping in Michigan
Credit: Off Map Glamping

Pacific Yurt Glamping Experience

Where: Grant, Michigan, United States

Price: $175+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


Nicole hosts this private nature sanctuary. Its purpose is to let you destress from city life’s daily hustle and bustle. You also won’t have to worry about comfort because this yurt rental has its own concierge service, customizing your glamping experience. With its complimentary breakfast, you won’t have to wake up early to prepare your food. 

You’ll also be comfortable even in the winter because a propane or wood stove heats the yurt. If you prefer the actual fire, go for the wood stove. 

The property also has wooded trails, a beach deck, game room, bar area, indoor guest fridge, and indoor guest bathroom. You can play billiards or a game of darts, or you can watch TV inside the heated guest spaces. Having access to such spaces allows you to have a break from the quietness of nature when staying in your tent. 

Pacific Yurt Glamping Experience
Credit: Airbnb

Tiki Hut Glamping Yurt – Manu 

Where: St. Ignace, Michigan

Price: $107+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


The Tiki Hut Yurt is hosted by Sandra, which promises you to feel the comforts of an indoor environment while being outdoors. This yurt rental has a queen-size bed with pillows, fresh comforter, and sheets. If you need extra blankets, sheets, or air mattresses, then it’s best to ask them before your arrival. The space also comes with a heater, a fan, and lights. 

Tea and coffee aren’t a problem as they’re available for everyone. Its restrooms also have paper towels and hand soap. However, this yurt rental doesn’t provide towels. 

The location is also serene, especially since the yurts are located in a different part of the campground. It’s far enough from the laundry, showers, and restrooms of the camp, but they’re still accessible. 

One of the reasons why it’s as serene as it can get is the yurt’s location: in the covered woods. It’s also near a foot trail going downtown, and it’s only a quarter-mile walk away. 

Tiki Hut Glamping Yurt in Michigan
Credit: Airbnb

Yurt at AuTrain Lake — Glamping Rocks

Where: Au Train, Michigan

Price: $240+ per night 

Accommodates: 3 guests


Erin owns a residential home at Northwoods Resort with a yurt measuring 16 ft. This has access to the beach since it’s opposite from AuTrain Lake. The yurt comes with the following: Chairs, Bonfire pit, Small charcoal grill, Coffee maker, Microwave, Small refrigerator, Cable tv, Cot, and One queen canopy bed

What’s more is the availability of sauna, kayak/canoe rental, motor/boat rental, dock, and a beach. You can enjoy these amenities any time of the day. 

If you’re working while on vacation, you can still do so since this Michigan yurt rental has WiFi.

Yurt at AuTrain Lake — Glamping Rocks
Credit: Airbnb

Tent Hosted by Aimee (Up north glamp for 8!)

Where: Fife Lake, Michigan

Price: $546+ for two nights

Accommodates: 2 guests


If you love the sound of the river, this glamping site is right for you. It’s located on the banks of the North Brand of the Manistee River, allowing you to listen to the river’s calming sound while you camp. The location also offers peace and privacy.

You can comfortably camp here since the yurt has two comfy cots and one real full bed. Going to your site will require you to walk one and a half minutes. At night, solar lighting illuminates the trails with wood chips, making night-walks more romantic and memorable. 

Cooking won’t be a problem here, either. The host provides a grill, cooking utensils, paper, plastic ware, glasses, and other cooking paraphernalia. Even hammocks, a chiminea seating area, cleaning supplies, clean, fresh sheets, towels, and other essentials are provided. 

Getting bored will not happen because of the many activities on this glamping site. From snowshoeing to snowmobiling, kayaking to canoeing, fishing to trail walking, the outdoor activities are abundant. And you can all do this while being surrounded by nature’s beauty of the true north.

However, the glamping site doesn’t have electricity as it utilizes solar lights. You can charge your gadgets as the Common Kitchen or Bath facility of the property, though.

Tent Hosted by Aimee (Up north glamp for 8!)
Credit: Airbnb

Release Resistance – Bell Tent Glamping Experience with Breakfast

Where: Fife Lake, Michigan

Price: $248+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


Nicole hosts another glamping site called the Release Resistance, which promises a boutique hotel-like concierge service. Plenty of activities will also make your stay here enjoyable, from playing darts to lounging in the bar to birdwatching. 

Or if you want to relax, do yoga on the beach or read a book while listening to classical music they provide. 

Natural relaxation is also best achieved by using their large communal deck, fire pit, and outdoor grilling area. Here, you may have the time to unplug from your smartphone since cell services may not be available depending on your carrier. But if internet connection is essential to you, you can connect to the site’s WiFi near the communal beach deck. 

Release Resistance - Bell Tent Glamping Experience with Breakfast
Credit: Airbnb

Glamping Galore 

Where: Alanson, Michigan

Price: $879+ for seven nights

Accommodates: 2 guests


The Glamping Galore is a residential home hosted by Sam and Lynn. The biggest lot of the campsite has a living and kitchen room, one full bath, and one bedroom. It also has a clubhouse and outdoor pool that only takes a short walk. Parking isn’t a problem, either, since it’s for free.  

The essentials and utilities are also provided, like paper products, dishes, utensils, microwaves, and other necessities. Their refrigerator has all the staples like bread or bagels, eggs, mustard, ketchup, and butter. They also provide pillows and new linens, so you don’t have to bring any household paraphernalia. 

Although there’s no satellite or cable, you can still enjoy watching TV and DVD players. 

This glamping site is only two minutes away from the restaurants, grocery, bakery, and laundromat in the town of Alanson. 

Glamping Galore 
Credit: Airbnb

Enchanted Treehouse On Lake Michigan 

Where: Michigan/West Olive

Price: $260+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


Lake Michigan is a magnificent view that you can enjoy in the Enchanted Treehouse. With its 100 ft. private lakefront, you can also grill BBQ at the deck while being mesmerized by the lake views. Or you can also swim on your own private beach, which is only 145 steps away. 

The best thing about this place is that it has been designed to minimize the environmental impact on the sand dune while maximizing lake views by none other than Chuck Posthumus. This unique modern rustic cottage offers tranquility and peace because it’s far from the crowds. Its nearby places are 15-20 minutes away, such as Holland and Grand Haven. 

Enchanted Treehouse On Lake Michigan 
Credit: VRBO

Explore these yurt and unique glamping rentals in Michigan if you want to enjoy a unique glamping experience away from city life. Generally, they’re all equipped with essentials so you can have the comfort you need while you’re off the grid. What are you waiting for now? Book now before they become unavailable!

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