12 Best Yurts in Georgia For a Glamping Getaway

If you want to sleep in nature but don’t want to “rough it up,” you should stay in one of these gorgeous yurts in Georgia. With these yurt rentals, you can still soak up the beauty of the great outdoors while enjoying modern comforts. 

Yurts are among the most preferred accommodations for glamping in Georgia. They offer the ultimate glamping experience since they are fitted with the finest amenities, offering a comfortable stay that tents cannot rival.

Georgia is a playground for adventure enthusiasts, boasting scenic trails to hike, bike, and paddle. It has more than a hundred miles of trails and beautiful waterways, offering nature lovers endless opportunities for exploration. Make your adventure even more enjoyable by staying in a lovely yurt. 

The best yurts in Georgia feature some of the state’s most breathtaking landscape views, from coastal beaches to meandering rivers and boundless farmland and lush forests.

Below, check out the top 12 yurts in Georgia, guaranteed to offer an adventure you’ll never forget.

Yurts in Georgia
12 Best Yurts in Georgia

Secluded Yurt Glamping on a Private Lake

Where: Rockdale County, Georgia

Price: $265+ per night


Offering a deluxe glamping experience, this secluded yurt in Rockdale County is an ideal choice if you’re looking for the best yurts in Georgia. It has four beds to sleep five guests and is the best choice for families with kids. Perched in an 80-acre secluded area with scenic nature trails and a private lake, it is the perfect escape for those who want to reconnect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle. 

The yurt has everything you need for a relaxing stay. Aside from the comfy beds, it has one full bathroom, a deck, a dining area, and a balcony, where you can relax and soak up the relaxing views of nature. You will also have access to modern amenities, from electricity to an air conditioning system and a hot shower. There’s also a kitchenette with a mini fridge, sink, and burners. Set in the heart of a secluded 80-acre of lush woodland, the secluded yurt offers the best camping experience in Georgia.

Secluded Yurt Glamping Georgia

Canoochee River Yurt

Where: Evans County, Georgia

Price: $61+ per night


Nestled by the Canoochee River in Claxton, this lovely yurt has a queen-sized bed for a maximum of two guests. Thus, it’s one of the best places to stay for couples on a romantic getaway. The specialized tent is about 20 feet in diameter and has a living room, balcony, dining room, and bathroom. 

Overlooking the scenic Canoochee River, you are guaranteed a relaxing stay in this yurt. If you’re looking to surprise your loved one on your anniversary or want to unwind in nature with your significant other, this is an ideal place to consider. Cozy up with your loved one on the balcony as you enjoy the beautiful river views. But if you prefer an adventure-filled getaway, head to the river and enjoy kayaking. You can also explore the nearby town home to great restaurants, shops, and grocery stores.

Canoochee River Yurt in Georgia
Credit: VRBO

Wooden Yurt at Kaluna Farm Retreat

Where: Whitestone, Georgia

Price: $100+ per night


This charming wooden yurt in Whitestone is one of the best yurts in Georgia for big groups. It’s spacious enough to accommodate up to eight guests and is equipped with seven beds. There’s also a full bathroom, kitchen, and living room. 

Nestled on a hill in the middle of a forest, you can enjoy stunning nature views through the sky dome and the oversized southern windows. Aside from the sleeping space, there’s an extra-large bean bag where you can chill out and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

The yurt is perched on an organic family farm, and you are free to explore when staying at this glamping site. You can enjoy water activities at the creek, run around the farm, or jump on the trampoline. There’s also a charcoal grill you can use for barbecues.

Best Yurts in Georgia
Best Yurts in Georgia | Credit: VRBO

Fort Yargo State Park Yurt

Fort Yargo - Yurts in Georgia
Credit: Fort Yargo State Park

Where: Winder, Georgia

Price: $155+ per night


Nestled between Athens and Atlanta, Fort Yargo State Park is one of Georgia’s most popular camping spots. Given the numerous fun outdoor adventures in the park, from fishing and kayaking to hiking, it offers a fun-filled getaway in nature. The best way to enjoy everything the park offers is to spend the night or two and stay at the fully equipped cottages, cozy campsites, or gorgeous yurts, offering a unique glamping experience.

The yurts at Fort Yargo State Park are some of the best yurts in Georgia. They are canvas tents perched on a wooden deck, equipped with furniture, electricity, and various amenities, such as a picnic table grill and a fire ring. After spending outdoors, gather at the fire ring to cozy up and share fun stories with your loved ones!

What’s great about camping in Fort Yargo State Park is that it offers numerous activities for all ages, making it a top destination for families. It has a 260-acre lake where you can fish and swim with the kids. There’s also a boat ramp if you want to go boating. Mountain bikers and avid hikers will have plenty of trails to explore.

Cloudland Canyon Yurt Village 

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Where: Rising Fawn, Georgia

Price: $115+ per night


Another state park in Georgia that offers the option to sleep in a yurt is the Cloudland Canyon State Park, which lies at the edge of Lookout Mountain. It’s one of Georgia’s largest and most scenic parks, home to gorgeous sandstone cliffs, steep canyons, wild caves, majestic waterfalls, lush woodlands, and abundant wildlife. Given its varied landscapes, Cloudland is a true paradise for nature lovers.

At over 3,000 acres, the massive park offers numerous accommodations and facilities. There are cottages and campsites for trailers, RV, and tents. However, the most popular are yurts, fully equipped with amenities. 

Cyclists and hikers will find plenty of trails to conquer at Cloudland Canyon. If you’re into hiking, you should try hiking at the Waterfalls Trail, Overlook Trail, and the West Rim Loop Trail. For mountain bikers, you can bike at the newly developed Five Points Recreation Area and the Cloudland Connector Trail. The park also offers amenities for golfing, horseback riding, and picnics.

High Falls State Park Yurts

High Falls State Park Yurts in Georgia
Credit: High Falls State Park Yurts

Where: Jackson, Georgia

Price: $100+ per night


At High Falls State Park, you can stay in some of the most beautiful yurts in Georgia. Located northwest of Macon, the park is home to the Towaliga River, offering many fun adventures. The river has boat rentals, ramps, and fishing docks, offering easy access to the park’s scenic lake. The lake is also a popular fishing spot for white bass. 

If you want to spend overnight at the park and be close to the lake, stay in one of the lakeside yurts made of a canvas tent. Each features a small deck, a picnic table, and a grill, offering the perfect place to relax as you enjoy the views. When you come here in summer, you can enjoy a refreshing dip at the park’s swimming pool. 

Some of the most popular activities include hiking along the river’s edge and into the hilly forest, where you’ll find remnants of a hydroelectric power plant. During the early 1800s, the area was an industrial town with stores, blacksmith shops, hotels, etc. You will learn more about its history during your hike.

Tugaloo State Park Yurts

Tugaloo State Park Yurt Rentals Georgia

Where: Lavonia, Georgia

Price: $100+ per night


The Tugaloo State Park is a beautiful park of more than 300 acres located along the shore of Lake Hartwell. As one of the best camping sites in Georgia, Tugaloo offers cottages and campsites, offering scenic views of the lake in every direction. The park is also home to some of the best yurts in Georgia, surrounded by spectacular views. 

Some of the campsites have access to private boat docks on the lake. You can choose between basic sites or developed campgrounds, only a short walk from the parking area. Tugaloo is often crowded with campers in summer, as it’s a popular destination for sailing, swimming, water skiing, and boating. There are also plenty of hiking trails, taking you through lush forests with walnut, cherry, and mulberry trees.

Take advantage of the six boat ramps at the lake to enjoy fishing. It’s a year-round activity at the park, home to an abundant largemouth bass. A true paradise for adventures, Tugaloo State Park is one of Georgia’s best destinations for reconnecting with nature.

Timberline Glamping at Unicoi State Park

Where: Helen, Georgia

Price: $117+ per night


At Unicoi State Park, you will find the Timberline Glamping, which has fully furnished yurts, the perfect accommodation for those seeking luxury while spending time in the great outdoors. These yurts are spacious enough to accommodate large families or groups of friends. You can stay at the Deluxe Safari Tent with a king-sized bed and two bunk beds. Other amenities include a mini fridge, electrical outlets, residential A/C and heating, and a ceiling fan.

The yurt is in the middle of Unicoi State Park, a state park of over 1,000 acres in the northeast part of Helen. It’s home to a 53-acre Lake on Smith Creek with amazing views. After enjoying some water sports at the lake, head back to your tent to relax, and take advantage of the wood fire pit, hammocks, and picnic tables.

Timberline Glamping at Unicoi State Park
Credit: Timberline Glamping at Unicoi State Park

Secluded Yurt on Private Lake

Where: Conyers, Georgia

Price: $155+ per night


This secluded yurt has a lovely terrace overlooking stunning lake views and offers the perfect setting for relaxation. The yurt can accommodate four guests and has a large double bed and two bunk beds. You will also have access to a shower, toilet, outdoor dining, kitchenware, and barbecue facilities. 

Perfect for families, the luxury glamping site offers fun activities for all ages. You will also find several attractions to visit nearby, such as the Zoo Atlanta, Bradley Observatory, Stone Mountain Carving, and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

Secluded Yurt on Private Lake in Georgia
Credit: Secluded Yurt on Private Lake in Georgia

Maple Yurt Lookout Mountain Chattanooga Glamping

Where: Rising Fawn, Georgia

Price: $129+ per night


The Maple Yurt is one of the most beautiful yurts in Georgia, where you can relax in comfort and style. It has a space for four guests, with two beds and a private bathroom. The yurt has a beautiful deck where you can relax or enjoy a romantic dinner as you marvel at the breathtaking nature views.

The glamping site offers various fun activities, giving you plenty to enjoy during your stay. Enjoy scenic hikes at Lookout Mountain or visit the local attractions nearby. You can also visit the Rock City Gardens and the Incline Railway since both are close to the property. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle or take your partner on a romantic getaway in nature, Maple Yurt is an ideal place to stay.

Yurt Georgia Airbnb

Heated Lotus Belle Luxury Yurt

Where: Blairsville, Georgia

Price: $129+ per night


Offering an authentic glamping experience, this heated yurt in Georgia is a wonderful place to stay for all seasons. Exuding a relaxing and serene vibe, it has the perfect setting to relax and unwind in nature. The yurt has a bed, ideal for couples, although it can sleep up to three guests, as it comes with a couch. There’s also a private bathroom with toiletries. 

Tucked in a quiet hill in the middle of a forest, you can indulge in pure relaxation during your stay. The yurt is perched on a private deck with a covered porch that offers the perfect setting for relaxing and al fresco dining.

Heated Lotus Belle Luxury Yurt: Boho Yurt
Credit: Heated Lotus Belle Luxury Yurt: Boho Yurt Airbnb

Luxury Yurt at Lake Oconee

Where: Eatonton, Georgia

Price: $148+ per night


This luxury yurt at Lake Oconee is ideal for a nature-inspired romantic getaway. The Boho-inspired yurt has a comfy bed for two people, best suited for couples. Surrounded by the peaceful woods of Georgia, you can enjoy ultimate relaxation while staying in this lovely tent. 

Aside from the yurt, the glamping site offers other unique accommodations, such as a tiny house, a school bus, and a treehouse tent. They will also provide a cooler and a five-gallon water tank for your convenience. Take advantage of the shared amenities, such as a bathroom with shower and toilet at the main community house. You can also use the camping toilet at the yurt if you don’t want to go to the community house.

 Luxury Yurt at Lake Oconee
Credit: Airbnb

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