12 Best Yurts In Utah To Rent For A Glamping Getaway

Yurts in Utah are popular because of the many activities surrounding them. From fishing to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing – you won’t get bored while renting one of the best yurts in Utah.

Depending on the rental’s location, some are accessible from national parks and other tourist spots, while other sites aren’t easily accessible, allowing you to enjoy isolation. 

What’s even better is when you enjoy this unique getaway with friends, lovers, or families. You can admire the outdoors while having the luxury and comfort of camping out in the woods, mountains, or desert. Some yurts even have WiFi connections to let you stay online throughout your vacation. 

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Best Yurts in Utah
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The Cliff Dwelling Yurts

Where: Orderville, Utah

Price: $477+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 5 guests


These yurts are in East Zion Resort, which promises a fascinating and unique vacation – especially if you love sunsets, then staying in one of the yurts here could take away your breath every night. You can also enjoy the stunning views of the Southern Utah countryside since the yurts are elevated on a hillside. 

East Zion Resort Yurt
Credit: VRBO | East Zion Resort Yurt

The interior of the yurts has modern yet rustic finishes. They’re also equipped with air conditioning units to comfort the indoor temperature, and each yurt has its own kitchenette and private bathroom. 

Every yurt has a parking stall, too. You can also enjoy the outdoors because the yurts have an outdoor sitting area, gas grill, and propane fire pit. Cool off in the swimming pool or use the pavilion if the weather is too warm. You can also use the glamping tents or take a nap at the tree houses. 

Importantly, nearby are tourist spots such as Bryce and Zion National Parks. You can also go to the Grand Canyon since it’s only an hour and a half away from the site. 

Utah Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO

The Ute-Luxury Yurt

Where: Bear Lake, Utah

Price: $877+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 12 guests


If you want a Utah yurt near a beach, then the Ute-Luxury yurt is a good option. This is also a perfect rental to enjoy the panoramic views of Bear Lake’s iconic blue water. 

Utah Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO | Utah Yurt Rental

This yurt is also one of the largest custom yurts in North America, giving you and your friends more space. It’s 20 ft high and 40 ft in diameter, and it has two large bedrooms, making it perfect for family reunions and other bigger events.

Moreover, it has an entertainment center for family movies, an extra sleeping or play area for children, a large walk-in shower, two private toilets, a laundry, and a fully-equipped kitchen. 

After the day, spend the night watching the stars from the dome skylight or have a campfire when the night is cold. 

Bear Lake, Utah Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO

Upscale Secluded Yurt

Where: Duck Creek Village, Utah

Price: $914+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 4 guests


Need a more secluded area to rejuvenate your soul? Then this off-the-grid yurt is perfect because you can only see deers due to beimg located on a private ranch. However, it’s only 25 miles above Zion National Park, so you can still visit the park anytime. 

You can also enjoy sightseeing from the 12×40 ft deck. From here you can spot pink mountains and cliffs, as the yurt is nestled amongst quaking aspen and pine trees. 

Although it’s far from the roads, the yurt uses a green energy solar system. Thus, you can have a comfortable stay here. Moreover, it’s hand-built from recycled trees that pine beetles have killed. This makes the yurt more durable and more environmentally friendly than others. 

The amenities include:

  • A fully equipped bathroom.
  • Bedroom with a king bed.
  • Family room with beds.
  • Kitchen.
  • Free WiFi. 
Upscale Yurt Utah
Credit: VRBO

Monte Cristo Yurt

Where: Cache County, Utah

Price: $177+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 10 guests


Another yurt that lets you enjoy amazing views on the hillside is this 24′ Monte Cristo yurt rental. You can encounter a majestic herd of five bull moose living on the same hillside. 

Yurt Rental Utah
Credit: VRBO

Since the yurt is set up on the hillside, this is also perfect for sunset lovers. You can have a sunset date here with your loved one while enjoying the solitude. 

You’re in for a treat in winter, as you can go snowmobiling when visiting Hardware Ranch to enjoy endless pristine white trails. The yurt owner can also plan your snowmobiling experience on nearby popular trails. 

Meanwhile, the area offers hiking, horseback riding, ATV riding, and dirt biking activities in spring and fall. This will let you experience backcountry recreation at its finest.

Yurt in Cache County Utah
Credit: VRBO | Yurt in Cache County Utah

Yurt For Snowshoeing Or Skiing

Where: Provo, Utah

Price: $161+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 8 guests


If you’re near Provo, then this Utah yurt high up in the mountains is where you can stay. You can enjoy peace and solitude while being near outdoor winter activities.

You can stay here for a night, for a weekend, or the whole week to rest from the hustle and bustle of technology. You’ll be surrounded by junipers, pine, and aspen trees, making you more immersed in nature. 

The activities you can try are sledding, backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing since the yurt is at 8,300′ elevation. The slopes here will make these activities more fun. 

Don’t worry about comfort since the yurt is equipped with a solar power light system. Its kitchen is also equipped with kitchenware, although you have to bring your drinking water. The bedroom has two large bunk beds, which can sleep eight guests. 

Snowshow Yurt Utah
Credit: VRBO

Escalante Yurts

Where: Pine Creek Road, Escalante, Utah

Price: $372+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


Yurts here provide free private parking and WiFi, and its location gives you mountain views. This is considered a luxury tent since most yurts have a patio, a dining area, a private bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a TV with cable channels, a seating area, and a sofa. 

Best Utah Yurts
Credit: Booking.com | Best Utah Yurts

You also don’t need to worry about your first meal of the day since this rental provides a continental breakfast. At night, enjoy grilling since each yurt has its grill. 

This yurt is more popular as it’s nearby to fishing, cycling, and hiking spots. The mountain also has deers that you can encounter while hiking. Or visit Boulder Town which is 19.3 km away from the property, and the Tropic is 46.7 km away. 

Pint Creek Yurt Utah
Credit: Booking.com

Talking Mountain Yurts

Where: Moab, Escalante, Utah

Price: $295+ per night (taxes excluded) 

Accommodates: 8 guests


The Talking Mountain Yurts have many yurts; one of them is the Gold Basin. Here, you can access the La Sal Mountains’ largest peaks which are perfect for backcountry touring. 

As its name suggests, the yurt is near the end of the Gold Basin road, and it’s nestled among quaking aspens. However, this yurt is only available during the winter, wherein you can enjoy snowmobiling and other winter outdoor activities. 

The yurt has two large cots and two bunks with sleeping pads, but you need to supply your own bedding. This 20 ft yurt also has a fully-equipped kitchen and a small library where you can play games or have family bonding. 

Gold basin Yurt Utah
Credit: www.talkingmountainyurts

Rockport State Park – The Retreat Yurt

Where: Peoa, Utah

Price: $112+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


This retreat yurt promises a luxury experience since it has been refinished and remodeled. Now, it has a private sleeping area and a seating area. It also has a queen-size bed perfect for couples. 

The interior has new decorations, rustic furniture, and new flooring. However, you should bring your own pillows and bedding. 

This yurt rental is near water activity spots where you can use inflatables, ski boats, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and fishing boats. Thus, it’d be perfect to have a getaway here when the season is warm.

Gooseberry Mesa Yurts

Where: Virgin, Utah

Price: $175+ per night (taxes excluded) 

Accommodates: 6 guests


If you want a thrilling yurting experience in Utah, then Gooseberry Mesa Yurts is for you. Here, you’re camping with style and not glamping. The yurts don’t have air conditioning systems, electricity, or running water. It has a wood stove for heat, a cookstove, a lantern, and bunk beds. 

You need to bring wood, bedding, canisters, and water. This means you’re camping traditionally, except that you won’t have to get your tent. 

Since it’s near Zion National Park, its location has fantastic mountain biking trails. You can also enjoy beautiful sunsets here, so it’s best to stay for a night or two. 

Gooseberry Mesa Yurts Utah Rental
Credit: Gooseberry Mesa Yurts Utah Rental

Canyon Base Camp – Bryce Canyon Deluxe Private Yurt

Where: Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Price: $144+ per night (taxes excluded) 

Accommodates: 4 guests


This private yurt is on a hilltop that lets you enjoy the fantastic views of the Sevier River and red rocks cliffs. This yurt is also situated between Hatch and Panguitch, Utah, making it centrally and conveniently located between the Zion National Park, Kodachrome Basin State Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park. You can also reach the north rim of the Grand Canyon in two and a half hours. 

Bryce Canyon Yurt Rental
Credit: canyonbasecamp.com | Bryce Canyon Yurt Rental

As for the amenities, each yurt has a living room, a private bedroom with one queen-size bed, laundry, and a full bathroom. The kitchen is also complete with a coffee maker, hot plate, microwave, gas range, and refrigerator with an ice maker. You can also use their WiFi or the TV with a satellite dish network and DVD player. 

Bryce Canyon Yurt Rental
Credit: canyonbasecamp.com

26′ Yurt Cozy Glamping Getaway

Where: Cedar City, Utah

Price: $174+ per night (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 9 guests


This yurt is another go-to rental if you want to live off the grid for a while. This 26′ yurt doesn’t have running water, only a limited water supply, nor electricity – making your yurt experience more challenging. 

Yurt Rental Utah Cedar City
Credit: AirBnB | Yurt Rental Utah Cedar City

But it still provides comfort since it has a shower and the solar energy system heats the water. It also has a TV with a DVD player, so you can still have entertainment while resting inside the yurt. 

The best about its location is it’s near Shakespeare & Neil Simon Festival, which is only 15 minutes away. You can also head to Brian Head which is 45 minutes away, or go farther to Zion National Park (77 minutes away) or Bryce Canyon (90 minutes away). 

While staying in this yurt, the outdoor activities you can do are axe throwing, frisbee golfing, firing, rock crawling, mountain biking, and wheeling. 

edar City Utah Yurt Rental
Credit: AirBnB

Pinyon Yurt Retreat

Where: Monticello, Utah

Price: $186+ for two nights (taxes included) 

Accommodates: 2 guests


This yurt is in a desert setting, which is a 40-minute drive away from the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park and a 45-minute drive away from Moab. 

The Pinyon Yurt may be off the grid, but it’s equipped with a queen and a full bed with linens. The kitchen is also fully furnished, so you can cook and prepare food quickly. It also has an outdoor fire pit and an indoor wood-burning stove to keep you warm during cold nights. 

It may not have a private bathroom, but it has a separate pit toilet and shower house, 40-60 ft away from the yurt.  If you’re up for some adrenaline rush, you can go rafting, hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing to nearby outdoor activity sites. 

Yurt Rental Utah
Credit: AirBnB

Utah offers a lot of places to explore, and you don’t need to settle in a hotel when you’re from out of town. Experience unique outdoor camping by booking one of the yurt rentals above. You can go for a more challenging rental or have a luxurious yurting experience. Whatever your preference is, you’d never go wrong staying in the yurt rentals in Utah. 

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