13 Best Yurts in Montana To Rent For a Glamping Getaway

Being surrounded by nature but still able to keep warm in a cozy yurt is an ideal and unique vacation for many adventurers. With these amazing yurts in Montana, you will quickly become very excited about your next vacation!

Did you know that Montana is also called Big Sky Country? The impressive landscape that consists of huge mountain tops, wide valleys, rivers, and lakes opens up to the sky with nothing to block your view. You will feel so small in contact with this magnificent nature; we promise it is a humbling experience!

The Glacier National Park is a true natural treasure, featuring stunning waterfalls, amazing hiking trails, historic hotels, remote camping, and abundant wildlife. A visit to this pristine park should be mandatory for every nature lover in the country.

Here we have compiled our list of the best yurts in Montana; simply choose the one that fits your needs for a fantastic rustic vacation.

Pin It: Best Yurt Rentals Montana
Pin It: Best Yurt Rentals Montana

The Yurt at Craig

Where: Craig, Montana

Price: $500+ per night

Accommodates: 6 guests


This beautiful yurt in Montana can be found nestled by the Missouri River. However, it is still close to the town where you can stop by for lunch or coffee. If you want some isolation and alone time with your loved ones, staying in a yurt like this is a top choice.

This yurt has a queen size bed in every room, two full bathrooms in a bathhouse, a real kitchen, a patio, and a million-dollar view of the river. While on a chilly evening, you can warm up with tea or hot chocolate in a spacious living room.

Montana Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO | Montana Yurt Rental
Rental Yurts in Montana
Credit: VRBO

Beautiful Yurt near Yellowstone National Park

Where: Gardiner, Montana

Price: $225+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


This yurt in Montana is a perfect opportunity for those who want to experience living in a circular space. This specific yurt offers mountain views and the opportunity to disconnect from the busy modern world.

There is no cell service on the property, but don’t worry because you are not left alone in the middle of nowhere. The family that owns the property lives just a few miles down the road.

The yurt is located only 25 minutes from the northern entrance to Yellowstone, and if you are planning day visits to the park, it’s a great starting point.

Glamping Yurt in Montana
Credit: VRBO | Glamping Yurt in Montana
Montana Glamping
Credit: VRBO

Luxury Yurt on Flathead Lake

Where: Flathead Lake, Montana

Price: $300+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


This yurt provides an upscale luxury experience year-round. It doesn’t matter if you want to see snowy mountains or a summer sky full of stars; when staying in this yurt, you won’t be lacking anything whatever season you choose. Once you see the 360° degree view, you will most likely want to come back here regularly.

Located on the farm, connected with a private road, this accommodation guarantees privacy and relaxation. The yurt has great amenities too, including two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a patio, a washing machine, a dryer, and so much more.

There are large plastic windows and a dome that allows the light in, and you can open french doors if you want to create one open space.

Luxury Yurt Montana
Credit: VRBO
Montana Luxury Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO | Montana Luxury Yurt Rental

End Of The Road Yurt

Where: Georgetown Lake, Montana

Price: $180+ per night

Accommodates: 6 guests


This is a great place to stay with the whole family or a group of friends, as it sleeps six people and has five beds in total. The remoteness and privacy of this yurt will allow you to disconnect and truly relax away from the city buzz.

The circular building is an open space with slightly separated sleeping areas from the living area. You also have the bathroom and the kitchen in the middle of the room and all the appliances you might need. This way, you can experience camping but have everything that an apartment offers, alongside that special connection to nature.

Montana Best Yurts
Credit: VRBO
Best Yurts in Montana
Credit: VRBO | Best Yurts in Montana

Yurt for a Perfect Getaway

Where: Philipsburg, Montana

Price: $175+ per night

Accommodates: 7 guests


A cozy and spacious yurt with a fireplace that promises a stay where you can unplug and completely relax. It is an excellent stay for families with kids, and with no wifi, the spotlight is on the gorgeous views of faraway mountains.

The yurt has one queen-sized bed in the bedroom and two twin beds in the gallery in the living room. It also has a sofa bed and chairs, where you can comfortably sit in the evening.

The deck and the yard are complete with a barbecue, great for preparing food and eating outside in warmer months, while inside, you have a full kitchen—a bathroom and dining area complete the cabin.

Montana Winter Yurt Rental
Credit: VRBO | Montana Winter Yurt Rental

Yurt views of Flathead Lake

Where: Flathead Lake, Montana

Price: $125+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


Do you want to wake up to the sound of birds and the view of a lake? Look no further than this amazing yurt in Montana that can fit four guests. There is one queen-size bed in the bedroom and two convertible beds and a bathroom and dining area.

The yurt has cattle nearby, and the host can provide the breakfast. You can visit nearby restaurants in the towns by the lake for lunch and dinner – although there is a refrigerator inside the yurt. Fire pits and picnic tables are located by the water, while the showers are in the bathhouse, and a toilet is inside the yurt.

Montana Yurt Rental with View
Credit: VRBO | Montana Yurt Rental with View

Comfortable Yurts by the Lake for Big Groups

Where: Flathead Lake, Montana

Price: $567+ per night

Accommodates: 15 guests


These two yurts plus outdoor space are very comfortable even for 15 people. Organize a family gathering here, or a small celebration, surrounded by nature and with the best views of Flathead Lake. Kids will love the bunkhouse, and the outdoor kitchen is a lot of fun for everyone.

A large kitchen, flat-screen TV, gas heating, a master suite with a king-size bed, and a full bathroom can all be found inside the yurts. The bathhouse has a washer and dryer. You will have a phone, wifi, a spacious living room, and so much more. The deck has a wonderful open view of the lake.

Large Yurt Rental Montana
Credit: VRBO | Large Yurt Rental Montana
Large Yurt Montana
Credit: VRBO

Jewel Basin Yurt

Where: Bigfork, Montana

Price: $215+ per night

Accommodates: 8 guests


Every season in Montana offers a unique experience, and this yurt can accommodate your needs for a wonderful romantic vacation in the Swan Mountains. This rental is off the grid, away from the busy city life, and a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature at your doorstep.

Here you have several twin beds available, in case you are coming with the whole family. Indoors you can warm up by the fireplace, while outdoors, you can sip on your coffee and observe mountain ranges every morning. This location is great for anyone coming here on a ski trip.

Jewel Basin Yurt
Credit: Jewel Basin Yurt

Montana Backcountry Yurts

Where: Swan Mountains, Montana

Price: $380+ per night

Accommodates: 10 guests


Best Yurt Rental Montana
Credit: montanabackcountryyurts | Snow Yurt Rental Montana

If you like skiing, then this yurt in Montana come Ski accommodation is the right fit for you. Located on the slopes of Swan Mountains and surrounded by trees, the yurt offers rustic off-grid living for a ski vacation with friends and family. These yurts can also be very well enjoyed in the summertime when you can explore the hiking trails nearby.

Nestled deep in nature, one hour drive from Missoula or an hour and a half from Helena, this yurt has everything you need to be warm and prepare your meals. It has a kitchen, a stove, and a bathroom.

Bell Lake Yurt

Where: Bell Lake, Arkansas

Price: $360+ per night

Accommodates: 8 guests


Winter Yurt Rental
Credit: Bell Lake

At this cozy yurt, you will have amazing warm winter nights after a full day of skiing. Surrounded by pine trees and located near Bell Lake, its terrain is just a short walk away from the yurt. The view from the yurt includes a magnificent Branham Peak, which has a popular biking trail in the summertime.

The yurt comfortably fits eight people and has a wood stove, solar-powered LED lights, propane stoves, and a full kitchen. The dining area includes tables and chairs, and there is plenty of natural light during the day. You will also find a library with books, magazines, puzzles, and other games that you can enjoy.

Big Arm State Park Yurts in Montana

Where: Big Arm State Park, Montana

Price: $54+ per night

Accommodates: 4 – 6 guests


Big Arm State Park offers affordable yurts in three locations. Two of them can fit 4 guests while one of them fits 6. One of the yurts is also wheelchair accessible. The state park is nestled by Flathead Lake and has impressive views of the Mission Mountains.

Visitors that love water activities like kayaking and fishing will enjoy this location the most. The park is also amazing for birdwatching, boating, swimming, waterskiing, and so much more. All of the yurts in this park have a view of the lake and some basic amenities like toilets and a stove.

Start Park Yurt Montana
Credit: Start Park Yurt Montana
Montana State Park Yurt
Credit: Montana State Park Yurt

Northern Montana Yurt with Fireplace

Where: Saint Regis, Montana

Price: $138+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


This luxurious wooden yurt is a unique stay in Montana and a perfect place for those who want to tip their toes into camping, but don’t want to give up on the amenities of a hotel. Comfortable beds, a sofa, a table with chairs, and even a wardrobe are some of the amenities they are offering.

Here you will have a full bathroom and kitchen, fireplace, towels and linens provided, and an extra cozy experience overall. Stunning nature is just moments away, and this is a vast accommodation for families with kids. Outdoors you have a deck where you can eat outdoor meals prepared on a barbeque or coffee in the morning.

Northern Montana Yurt Rental
Credit: AirBnB | Northern Montana Yurt Rental
Rental Yurt in North Montana
Credit: AirBnB

Magpie Springs Yurtship

Where: Dillon, Montana

Price: $55+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


This yurt in Montana has two levels and a lot of space for four people. The comfortable kitchen and dining area have a fireplace, a stove, a couch, and a table with chairs. On the ground level there is a bedroom and a bathroom, and on the upper level is the living area.

To go from upstairs to downstairs, you have to walk outside, but at the lower level entrance, there is a charming greenhouse where you can enjoy a cup of tea and a book. The floors are heated, and even when surrounded by snow, you will feel warm and like in a fairy tale.

Dillon Montana Yurt Rental
Credit: AirBnB | Dillon Montana Yurt Rental

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