13 Best Yurts in Washington State For A Glamping Getaway

Experiencing camping in Washington State is the best way to see nature and be close to it. But what if you are not a big fan of camping or don’t have experience? These yurts in Washington State are the best way to have a camping experience and have all the amenities of a small apartment – introducing glamping!

Washington is a state where you can witness incredible beaches and ocean landscapes in the morning and make your way up to the mountains in the afternoon. It has all kinds of vistas, natural features, and stunning areas, which is why it attracts millions of people yearly.

There is something for everyone in this state, from windy beaches and whale watching to Mountain Rainier and stunning waterfalls. See the yurts we have hand-picked, and you can start planning your trip.

Pin It: Best Yurts in Washington
Pin It: Best Yurts in Washington

Stormking Hotel offers luxury yurts in Washington State

Where: Ashford, Washington

Price: $285+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


Welcome to a unique hotel that offers several yurts for rent. It has all the amazing amenities you would get in any other hotel, but you’re waking up to the sound of birds and looking out on nature in the morning.

The outdoors of the hotel are surrounded by gorgeous greenery. They offer free parking, WiFi, a barbeque area, hot tubs, and so much more. Couples especially love this location, and this can be a cute and cozy stay for a romantic getaway.

You can enjoy hiking, climbing, and biking in the area, and the popular Mountain Rainier is only 20 miles away.

Luxury Yurts in Washing
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Yurt Rental in Washington
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The Yurt at Rivendell 

Where: White Salmon, Washington State

Price: $317+ per night

Accommodates: 2-4 guests


This spacious yurt in Washington State will not feel like camping at all. Located in a beautiful setting, it is a fairy-tale-like accommodation that you can enjoy year-round.  It is even more beautiful in the winter when the snow decorates the outside, and you are warm with hot chocolate inside.

The yurt has a hot tub, a patio, a barbecue, an outdoor sitting area, and free parking.  Inside there is a dining area, a kitchen with a microwave, oven, fridge, a sleeping area, a private bathroom, and a fireplace. The yurt is air-conditioned so that you can control the temperature during hotter and coldermonths.

Yurt Rentals in Washington State
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Tall Chief Camping Resort Yurt

Where: Pleasant Hill, Washington 

Price: $144+ per night

Accommodates: 5 guests


This rental yurt in Washington offers great outdoor areas for families. There is a swimming pool, a picnicking area, a playground, and plenty of space for kids to run and play. The nearby hiking trails are a big advantage for longer stays.

You can also enjoy a hot tub, which is a pleasant experience on chili evenings. Inside the yurt, there is a dining area with a table, a kitchen, a sleeping area, and a sitting area with a sofa. There is enough space for a family, but you can also dine outside and even prepare your meals at the barbecue.

Best Glamping Yurts in Washington
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Best Yurts in Washington State
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Long Beach Camping Resort Yurts

Where: Ilwaco, Washington

Price: $128+ per night

Accommodates: 5 guests


You expect to be located in remote locations with a yurt rental, but this place will surprise you. Just a few steps from a gorgeous white sand beach and a few minutes from the city, Long Beach Camping Resort is an ideal location for those looking for a holiday stay that can accommodate everyone’s needs.

The yurts have two beds, including a bunk bed, and can sleep up to 5 people. With a dining room area and a kitchen, this can be a good family vacation rental for a few days. You can enjoy the playground, picnicking, barbecue, and even a carousel outdoors.

Camping Yurts in Washington
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Credit: booking.com

Washington State Parks offer Yurts

Where: Washington State Parks

Price: $50+ per night

Accommodates: 2-5 guests


The outstanding feature of many Washington State parks is yurt rentals. You can find them in Cape Disappointment State Park, Grayland Beach State Park, Paradise Point State Park, Twin Harbors State Park, and several more.

These are the lower-budget yurts that don’t have kitchens. Cooking is not permitted inside, but you will find other amenities like beds, sofa, chairs, and plugs. Bring your own linens, blankets, and your favorite pillows. You can prepare food outdoors and also enjoy the patio. 

All state parks have picnicking areas as well, and they are in beautiful nature, which is the most significant advantage of staying in accommodation like this.

Kayak Point Regional County Park Yurts

Where: Stanwood, Washington

Price: $50+ per night

Accommodates: 4-6 guests


Enjoy a yurt village in beautiful Kayak Point Regional County Park surrounded by the water of Port Susan. Only one hour north of Seattle, it is a great escape from busy city life. There are plenty of activities and attractions nearby, making this one of the best locations for families in Washington.

These yurts are very simple and include bunk beds, table and chairs, electric outlets, and a fridge. There is heating and blankets included, but it is recommended to bring your own blankets and warm clothing for cold months. The bathhouse is separated from the yurt, but it is close and heated.

Yurts at Eco Park Resort

Where: Toutle, Washington

Price: $125+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


One of the great choices of yurts in Washington State is this Eco Park Resort. They come with two bunk beds, including a full bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top. These yurts can fit one to four people, and reservations are mandatory.

Make sure to bring your own towels and linens when coming here, and note that all the bathrooms are shared as well. Heating is provided in the winter months, and every yurt has a wood stove and propane lights. This yurt is very basic compared to some more luxurious yurts, but it is a great experience for those who want to try out a more rural camping experience.

Eco Park Resort Washington Yurts
Credit: booking.com | Eco Park Resort Washington Yurts

Lakedale’s Yurt Village

Where: Friday Harbor, Washington

Price: $279+ per night

Accommodates: 4 guests


When you stay in this Washington yurt, you will not feel like you are actually camping. It looks so beautiful and new and has so many amenities that it is like a unique little village of excellent holiday accommodation. 

Yurts have a sitting area with chairs and a sofa, a coffee table, a TV, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a fan on the ceiling, and comfortable beds. Outdoors you can enjoy the sitting area on the patio, a hot tub, and a barbecue. As soon as you step off the deck, you are surrounded by nature, and a lake is just moments away.

Lake Dale Yurts Washington State
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The Yurts of Cave B Inn

Where: Quincy, Washington

Price: $99+ per night

Accommodates: 2-4 guests


Sage Cliffe Yurts Washington
Credit: Sage Cliffe Yurts Washington

These yurts in Washington State are just a short walk from the main lodging area and also very close to the vineyards. This is a great place for a romantic getaway or a girls’ weekend. The landscape surrounding the yurts is stunning, and sipping wine while watching sunset sounds like a perfectly spent evening here.

All the yurts are sustainable, and you will get a king-size bed, private bath, a view of the sky, huge windows that let the light in during the day, and overall great amenities. You can prepare your meals here, but the Inn also has a restaurant where you can eat.

Cozy Mongolian Yurt with Hot Tub

Where: Tukwila, Washington

Price: $264+ per night

Accommodates: 3 guests


If you decide to stay here, you will most likely spend the entire time in and around the yurt and less time exploring the area. Why? Because this well-furnished yurt has a hot tub, sauna, view of the waterfall, a Japanese-style garden with flamingos, and fruit trees!

While being tucked away in nature, it is still very close to Seattle and the international airport. You can come here anytime, as this yurt is well insulated and warm even in the coldest months. Some of its amenities are the kitchen, bathroom, comfy beds, sitting area, and patio.

Best Yurts in Washington
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Best Glamping Yurts in Washington
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Dreamy Bainbridge Island Yurt with Hot Tub

Where: Bainbridge Island, Washington

Price: $155+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


Furnished in a rustic style, this yurt offers superb comfort for your stay. The view from the yurt is the trees and a small garden. While feeling remote, the owner’s house is right next to your accommodation. You can have a cup of coffee in the morning on the patio and soak in the sun while listening to birds and sounds of nature.

This yurt is within walking distance of two public beaches and several hiking trails. The kitchenette and a bathroom are not in the yurt but right next to it. They are private and only yours while you are staying here.

Washington State Yurt Vacation
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Yurts to rent in Washington State
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Devils Mountain Yurt

Where: Mount Vernon, Washington

Price: $105+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


For those who love nature and mountains, this yurt is a perfect place to stay. It has a heated bed and electric heating in the winter – it is entirely insulated and very warm and cozy. 

While it certainly feels like you are miles away from everything, you are actually just 10 minutes from the restaurants and shopping area and close to hiking and biking trails, lakes, and mountain views.

The yurt has a queen-size bed, a stove, fridge, wifi, and sofa. Outside you will find a sitting area, barbecue, and a big picnic shelter. WiFi is also available.

Washington Yurt Rental
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Glamping in Washington
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Foxglove Yurt near Mount Rainier

Where: Ashford, Washington

Price: $250+ per night

Accommodates: 2 guests


This yurt provides amazing accommodation for a couple at any time of the year. If you plan to explore everything Mount Rainier has to offer, this can be your starting point. While having space only for two adults, you can also use a fold-away cot for a kid to sleep on.

Here you will find an indoor kitchen, bathroom, dining area with table and chairs, and a mini HVAC system where you can set up heating or cooling. The kitchen has a fridge, a microwave, a stove, pots, and pans, so there are really not that many things you need to bring with you when glamping here.

Glamping Yurt in Washington State
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